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When is Corporate Prayer?

Corporate Prayer:

The church seeking God’s face together, meets 2-3 pm on Sundays, and 4-5 pm on Tuesdays each week in the church building.

Corporate Prayer means at least 2 or 3 of us pray together. We seek to deepen our friendship with God. We pray for the macro issues of our church and community.

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What is Corporate Prayer?

What is Corporate Prayer?

  1. It is a focus on our relationship with God as opposed to a vending machine approach where we pray primary to get personal things from God.
  2. We spend time telling God what we like about Him and His character.
  3. We spend time in thanking Him for what he has done in our church as a whole.
  4. Sometimes we wait in silence before Him just soaking up His manifested presence.
  5. If we ask for things, the focus is on the big picture, the progress of our church as a whole:
    • leading people to a personal relationship with Jesus,
    • making faithful disciples of converts,
    • who will in turn, train other disciples,
    • so that the world is transformed into the character of our Lord Jesus Christ.