Sunday School

Held Sundays at 9:45am in John Boggs Hall.

It is very important to nurture the child’s soul.  With encouragement and a strong foundation in the Bible and Jesus’ teachings, children will be able to develop their God given talents.

In 1898 Sunday School was called The Port Elizabeth Sabbath Society and the Superintendent was J. W. B. Vanaman.  In the early 1900’s Sunday School was held in various parts of the church and from the 1920’s to the 1950’s it was also held in Lee Hall (presently the Port Elizabeth Library).  John Boggs Hall has been used for that purpose since 1962. Different methods have been used to teach children about the Bible; from singing songs, chalk talk, and flannel boards.  Vacation Bible School, Youth Group, and retreats add other dimensions to religious education and are continuing to grow.

The foundation Sunday School gives a child, leads to Confirmation and the independent decision to become a member.

Projects from our Sunday School students will be featured as links from here.

2015 Journey to the Cross

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