2009-2014 Dave Carber

David CarberPastor Dave Carber was with us as a local pastor from November 15, 2009 to June 30, 2014. He has been appointed to Pastor the Pinelands United Methodist Church, Sweetwater, NJ effective July 1, 2014. We are thankful for his service as pastor of our church.

David Carber was raised in a Christian home by parents who were very active in their church. Like the disciples, Dave was once a commercial fisherman, now a fisher of souls. Dave has managed a family business for ten years. Before receiving his call, he was co-leader in the Mays Landing UMC youth group for six years. Dave has been serving Asbury United Methodist Church, Swainton, for five years, the church with the doors, and Port Elizabeth United Methodist Church for four years and seven months. Dave is a history buff, an avid reader and film noir fan. Dave and his wife, Cass, have seven children, nine grandchildren, and one on the way (this will be updated over time).

The Pinelands United Methodist Church is a Charge consisting of four church buildings located in Atlantic and Burlington counties in the Pinelands of South Jersey. There are two services and two Sunday schools, one on each side of the river. The service is contemporary and Bible based. The current ministries include UMW, Food Pantry, VBS, Bible study, Sponsor a Child, Youth Ministry and Impact Sunday. The community knows Pinelands through the Impact Sunday, which delivers food to those in need and the monthly music ministry called Saturday Nite Alive.

Follow him on Twitter: http://twitter.com/PastorCarber.

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