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Dedication of United Methodist Historic Site No. 511

Port Elizabeth United Methodist Church Recognized as
United Methodist Historic Site

Maurice River Township, Cumberland County, New Jersey –
Port Elizabeth United Methodist Church, 142 Port Elizabeth-Cumberland Road, celebrated its 231st anniversary on its annual Old Home Day, Sunday, June 5, 2016. Speaker at the morning service was Rev. Brian Roberts, District Superintendent of the Cape Atlantic District.

A special luncheon was hosted by Elaine Morton-Rankin and her hospitality group. Locals and out of state visitors had a great time socializing.

20160605t130123_OHD-Plaque Dedication-04

The unveiling of a plaque recognizing the historic significance of Port Elizabeth United Methodist Church is attended by (from left) trustees Roosevelt Smith, Grace Rapp, and Richard Tomlin; Maurice River Township Mayor Andrew Sarclette and his wife, Janice; trustee chair Diane Prohowich; the Rev. Dr. William B. Wilson Sr. of the Commission on Archives and History; Pastor Phil Pelphrey; and church historian Ted Prohowich Jr. -Photo by Betsy Chance Irvine

A plaque was dedicated by Rev. Dr. William B. Wilson Sr., Chair, Commission on Archives and History commemorating the church as United Methodist Historic Site No. 511, as approved by the 2015 Greater New Jersey Annual Conference. There are currently 530 United Methodist Historic Sites in the world of which 19 are non-numbered Heritage Sites.

United Methodist Historic Site No. 511

This plaque recognizes Port Elizabeth United Methodist Church as United Methodist Historic Site No. 511.
-Photo by Diane Prohowich

Ted Prohowich, Jr. and Rev. Bill Wilson

Ted Prohowich, Jr., Church Historian for Port Elizabeth United Methodist Church; and Rev. Dr. William B. Wilson Sr., chairman of the Commission on Archives and History of the United Methodist Church.
-Photo by Diane Prohowich

Pastor Phil Pelphrey of Port Elizabeth United Methodist emceed an afternoon music program, including Carolyn Fitzgerald at the organ, the Port Elizabeth Choir, The Old Home Day Singers, and members of John Wesley United Methodist Church in Port Norris, New Jersey.

Old Home Day 234th Anniversary on June 2, 2019

Port Elizabeth United Methodist Church
will be celebrating 234 Years at our Old Home Day Celebration.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Events for the day:

9:45 am: Coffee in John Boggs Hall

11:00 am: Church Service
Guest speaker  TBA

~12:30 pm: Luncheon

2:00 pm: Music Program TBA

Come join us!

Port Elizabeth United Methodist Church Historic Site

The text below is the amended text of the Recommendation of Port Elizabeth United Methodist Church to be designated as a Greater New Jersey Annual Conference Historic Site. This was presented by Rev. Bill Wilson, Chair, Commission on Archives and History at the 2015 Annual Conference in the Wildwood Convention Center on Thursday, May 28, 2015.

Port Elizabeth United Methodist Church Historic Site
(no financial impact)
WHEREAS, Port Elizabeth United Methodist Church is one of the oldest organized Methodist Episcopal Church congregations in New Jersey at two hundred and thirty years and was part of the original Salem circuit in southern New Jersey.
WHEREAS, Port Elizabeth United Methodist Church started out as the Methodist Society at Morris’ River around 1778 during the American Revolution. Benjamin Abbott, southern New Jersey’s influential “War Time Evangelist” attended the quarterly meeting.
WHEREAS, Port Elizabeth United Methodist Church was visited by Bishop Frances Asbury on September 17, 1785 at quarterly meeting. He would return on October 6, 1786 to an attentive crowd.  He returned for a last time on April 17, 1809 to preach and confer with Dr. Benjamin Fisler about building an academy on the church grounds.
WHEREAS, Port Elizabeth United Methodist Church’s cemetery contains the remains of Richard Swain and his family. Swain served under Abbott and was appointed to several circuits in the New Jersey area until 1803. His leadership helped make Methodism successful in the southern New Jersey area.
WHEREAS, Port Elizabeth United Methodist Church erected the first building exclusively used by Methodists, completed in 1786. The present edifice dates from 1827.
THEREFORE, As one of the most successful southern New Jersey churches whose tremendous impact upon South Jersey Methodism since 1785 deserves to be recognized by this body as a Greater New Jersey Annual Conference Historic Site.
RATIONALE: Port Elizabeth United Methodist Church has a special place in southern New Jersey’s Methodist history. The fact that Francis Asbury visited three times and set in motion plans for an educational academy built later on the grounds gives proof to its expanding ministry and importance to Methodist work in the area. Port Elizabeth’s spiritual heritage through the years includes a famous 1869 revival and strong temperance stand in 1884.
Submitted and Presented by Rev. Bill Wilson, Chair
Commission on Archives and History
(856) 939-1007

Revised by Theodore F. Prohowich, Jr., Church Historian
Port Elizabeth United Methodist Church

Pastor Philip Pelphrey appointed to Port Elizabeth UMC – July 1, 2014

Pastor Phillip PelphreyWe welcome Pastor Philip Pelphrey as Pastor here at Port Elizabeth United Methodist Church, Port Elizabeth, NJ effective Tuesday, July 1, 2014. He will serve our church in addition to his current appointment at Cumberland United Methodist Church, Millville, NJ.

Philip Pelphrey was born in Seattle, Washington, and grew up in a God-centered Christian family. At age 7 having been moved by God’s grace, Phil responded to a gospel altar call, and began to consciously trust Jesus as his Savior and Lord. As early as age 9, he began to teach younger children about Jesus through a creative puppet show. Having served the church in a pastoral role for over 28 years, he has by God’s grace equipped many lay people to effectively share their faith and in turn disciple others.

Pastor Phil will be leading his first Bible Study here on Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at 7:00pm.

On Sunday, July 6, 2014 at 11:00am, Pastor Phil will be administering Communion.
After the Sunday Service we will hold a welcome luncheon for Pastor Phil in John Boggs Hall.

Old Home Day: Celebrating 229 Years

Port Elizabeth United Methodist Church will celebrate its 229th anniversary on Old Home Day, Sunday, June 1, 2014.

At 9:45 am, join us in John Boggs Hall for Coffee, bagels, danishes, orange juice and apple juice.
At 11:00 am, we will have our Morning Service in the Church with the sermon given by our own Pastor Carber.
At 12:30, following the service, we go back to John Boggs Hall for the Luncheon.
Finally, at 2:00pm, come back to the church for an afternoon musical program featuring Melanie Garuffi, Gary Trull and Mike Kost.

Share stories, join with friends and praise God!

What was going on in 1785?

Who was President?

Richard Henry Lee:
(Born: January 20, 1732 – Died: June 19, 1794)
The 12th President of the Continental Congress / Confederation Congress
(Term: November 30, 1784 – November 4, 1785)

John Hancock:
(Born: January 23, 1737 [O.S. January 12, 1736] – Died: October 8, 1793)
The 13th President of the Continental Congress / Confederation Congress
(Term: November 23, 1785 – June 5, 1786)

How Many States were there?

Each of the thirteen colonies has been considered to have been a member State of the United States from one of two dates:
1) The date of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.
2) The date on which they ratified the Articles of Confederation. New Jersey was the 11th to sign on November 19, 1778. Today the number of states (50) is based on when they ratified the present United States Constitution.

Who was Governor of New Jersey?

William Livingston:
(Born: November 30, 1723 – Died: July 25, 1790)
First Governor of New Jersey during the Revolutionary War and was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.
(Term: August 31, 1776 – July 25, 1790)

How Many Counties were in New Jersey?

There were thirteen counties, today there are twenty-one:
Bergen (Present: Bergen, Passaic, and Hudson)
Burlington (Present: Burlington and southern tip of Ocean)
Cape May
Cumberland (Present: Cumberland and NW corner of Cape May)
Essex (Present: Essex, Passaic, and Union)
Gloucester (Present: Gloucester, Atlantic, and Camden)
Hunterdon (Present: Hunterdon, NW Mercer)
Middlesex (Present: Middlesex and NE Mercer)
Monmouth (Present: Monmouth, E Mercer, and most of Ocean)
Somerset (Present: Somerset and Mercer)
Sussex (Present: Sussex and Warren)

What kind of money was used?

The Old British £.s.p (Pound . shilling . pence) system was used in each of the colonies.
4 farthings = 1 penny, (farthings were rarely used)
12 pence = 1 shilling, (Pence was the plural for penny)
20 shillings = 1 pound.

Proposed a decimal currency system based on the Spanish dollar, with coins for:
10 dollars (Eagle),
1 dollar (units),
1/10 dollar (dismes or tenths),
1/100 dollar (cents or hundredths), and
1/1000 dollar (milles or thousandths).

The original church property was bought for five shillings.

What was the population of the following?

The World:
1785: 975,000,000 est., 2013: 7,088,000,000 est.

The United States:
1785: 3,300,000 est., 2013: 315,900,000 est.

New Jersey:
1785: 155,250 est., 2013: 8,900,000 est.

Cumberland County, NJ:
1785: 6,600 est., 2013: 158,000 est.